Let us cater to you.

We've served our perfected recipes to many family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to our house for "Nashville Hot" chicken parties.

Now, we at CJ's Nashville Hot Chicken are happpy to share the joy of Nashville with you.

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What we bring to your table.

The freshest ingredients.

All of our menu items are made fresh every day and catered to your desired heat level.

The best tasting chicken.

Our Nashville Hot chicken meets every delicious standard. Our hand-battered and perfectly fried chicken will certainly enhance all of your senses.

Authentic and unique recipe.

Nashville Hot chicken is a southern staple, and we aim to keep it that way no matter where we reside.

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Place your order over the phone or through our contact page.

Allow us to be your one-stop shop for the best Nashville Hot chicken in town. Have questions? Head on over to our FAQ's page for assistance.

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If you have ever ordered with us before, please, let us know what you think. We love to support the local community and have a positive impact on our customers.

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